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Steve Thomson here and I have a fascination of spanking in the moves and general pornography. It amazes me that considering nearly all of us watch adult movies at some point that the subject is still taboo. Well I want to break down some barriers and say that it’s ok to discuss it. So here I am documenting the history of Porn Movies and Videos as I have seen them. 

I have started with a few pages but plan to build on that as much as I can. So I hope that you stay with me on this journey. All feedback is welcome and I’d really appreciate any contribution that you have too. So just email me at [email protected]

Cinematic Spanking (Male-on-Male) Videos

Male Spanking In Movies & Videos

In the early years of cinema, any hint of sexuality was considered taboo, especially in the United States and Great Britain. Anything even remotely suggestive was censored. Therefore, from the first silent films up until the mid-Sixties, spanking in mainstream movies was relegated to two general categories: the discipline of miscreant children and “misbehaving” women. The victim was always fully clothed and the spanking was given almost always over the knee (OTK). The implements used were typically a bare hand, a hairbrush, or even a rolled-up newspaper, and the scenes were usually brief and lighthearted. 

Even in adult scenes in male spanking videos, it was always done from a comedic standpoint without any erotic overtones. Spanking became a substitute for the sexual passion that could not be otherwise expressed. In 1943, the film “Clancy Street Boys” became the first mainstream film to show a male-on-male spanking scene. The video scene depicts a boy on his eighteenth birthday getting birthday spankings (bare hand and paddle) by his friends and later by rival gang members. M/M spanking in films has come a long way since then. The following is a compiled list of some of those films – both mainstream and adult – that include M/M spanking scenes: Mainstream 1952 – For Men Only – Fraternity pledge Tod Palmer is publicly paddled by the fraternity president, Ky Walker. 1975 – Barry Lyndon – Barry spanks a young boy and is, in turn, spanked in retaliation by the school master. 1978 – Animal House – Fraternity pledges are paddled by upperclassmen during fraternity recruitment week. 1988 – School Daze – A group of fraternity pledges line up for paddling. 1989 – Dead Poets Society – A college student gets paddled by the president of the university. 1990 – Class of 1999 male spanking video– A teacher takes a misbehaving student over his knee and spanks him with a bare hand in front of the entire class. 2009 – Youth in Revolt – A young man is punished with a belt by his mother’s boyfriend. 2012 – Measuring the World – A young boy is bent over a wooden trestle and caned by his teacher. Later, there is also a scene where slaves are flogged with whips. 

Adult 1973 – Nights in Black Leather – The first gay male spanking video film to be released in a cinema with various scenes of BDSM spanking. 1989 – Disciplining the Undisciplined Athlete – Scenes of coaches spanking athletes as a means of discipline. 1990 – Sailor and the Hunk – A variety of military spankings. 2005 – Daddy Spank – Scenes with father/son spankings. 2008 – Spanking Jocks – Coaches spanking athletes. 2013 – Spanking Tutors – College students being spanked by their tutors. In addition to the films listed above, there are innumerable websites containing video clips and full movies, both amateur and studio-produced, depicting every type of spanking scenario a person could possibly imagine.

How The Internet Has Revolutionized Porn

Not even twenty years ago the overwhelming majority of porn fans were still dependent on magazines and video tapes to satisfy their need for porn. Event early pioneers of the online world were still stymied by incredibly slow connections that simply couldn’t handle the capacity required for the data transfer of even a short movie clip. Nowadays all of this has been flipped upside down; porn has never been more readily available thanks to superfast wifi, smartphones, and on the go high internet. Technology is the overriding factor behind how readily the pornographic industry has been transformed, a gradual process that was massively ramped up with the introduction of widespread home broadband in the early 2000s. 

The sudden increase in speed was groundbreaking for digital media, and as ever porn led the way just as it had done with home video systems twenty years before. Indeed porn has always been at the spearhead of any development relating to print or video. Sex historians readily point out that huge proportions of the graffiti to be found in archaeological sites contains sexualized imagery. Likewise the development of the printing press led to huge amounts of pornographic pamphlets being surreptitiously produced, as so too did the emergence of film. In regards to film these were often what today we may term ‘amateur’ in sense of their production, for display in semi-legal private cinemas that generally flouted the puritanical decency laws of the time. The emergence of porn as we know it today really came about in the 1970’s, when so called ‘stag movies’ based upon 8mm film came to the front, often featuring professional performers. In terms of literature, magazines such as Playboy and their many imitators gradually broke down the social barriers towards the acceptance of pornography as a mainstream cultural form, very much running concurrently with the emergent sense of gender and social progressiveness of the time. However – back to the modern day.


The influence of technology on pornography has been in many ways a double edged sword. In terms of broadcasting and access, the potential market for pornography is limited only to the number of interested consumers on the planet. Citizens of all but the most oppressive regimes have ready, free access to hundreds upon thousands – if not even millions – of movies, image galleries and forums. Amateur, non monetized porn has seen a new form of sexual revolution as people share their own candid images/movies with strangers across the globe. Likewise popular pornstars can now sell their own material directly to their most ardent fans. The downside to this for many of the major porn producing studios has been how to effectively monetize this new trend and acceptance towards sexual imagery. Video hosting sites contain thousands of professionally produced clips and even feature length productions – all of which cost money to make – for their users to enjoy for free, relying themselves upon revenue gained via advertising. The actual producers of the porn meanwhile are left with no option but to negotiate a small percentage of reciprocal revenue, often far lower than what their material may have potentially made without any source of internet exposure. Sales of adult DVDs and magazines have tumbled as the overwhelming majority of users new use the internet for their porn consumption – it has the convenience, discretion and accessibility that physical formats lack while – most important of all – being free to access and download. No matter what the porn preference – bdsm, gay, straight, spanking or whatever – it’s all available within seconds too. So it’s interesting times for the porn industry, especially with many smaller scale operations now taking the place of the once dominant major production houses. One thing’s for sure, such is porn’s ubiquity nowadays there’s no sign of this trend changing anytime soon.